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I LOVE APH Turkey, writing and anything related to Hetalia. I can't draw for shit, compared to the other awesome artists on here...

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WARNING: This one-shot is
2.) 99.9% OOC
3.) My first Hetalia one-shot with Turkey x Iceland
4.) Cringy as fuck

So, I hope you... enjoy??? IDK the right word...


It was just another boring school day. Well, the first day of school. Actually, scratch that- the first day of high school, Grade Ten. Emil Steillson yawned as he trudged down the stairs to the kitchen, where he lived with his brother Lukas, and his boyfriend Mathias.

"Good morning, sport! How'd ya sleep?" Mathias asked, sipping his orange juice and propping his feet on the kitchen table. "Like always. I keep hearing telepathic messages," Emil mumbled, sitting down at the table, dusting his uniform off.

"What are the messages saying, Emil?" Lukas questioned. "I don't know. It's in another language- Turkish, I presume." The Icelandic teen answered. Lukas hummed in response, before turning around and giving Emil some orange juice.

"I'm going to work a little bit earlier tonight, about 10:00 PM." He said. Emil nodded, sipping his drink. "Mathias, get your feet down," Lukas (bluntly) scolded his Danish boyfriend.

Mathias sighed, "But Norge! I'm tired!"

"Feet on the floor, Dane. Do I have to choke you?"

Emil rolled his eyes. It felt like he heard this conversation every single day. After finishing breakfast, he grabbed his school bag and waved goodbye to his older brother.

Closing the door, Emil stared up at the sky. "Another year. It won't be that bad, will it? I mean, I have Leon in my classes." Smiling a little bit, Emil made his way down the stairs of the front porch and towards the carpool area. Emil's friend, Leon's mum was his carpool driver, although sometimes Mathias would volunteer.

Getting in the car, Emil leaned back. "Hey, Emil. 'Sup with you?" Leon asked, shaking the tired Icelandic. Emil barely looked back at his Chinese friend, responding "You know what's up."

"Oh. Yeah." Leon was the only one (besides Mathias and Lukas) who knew about Emil's powers of telepathic communication. Although he couldn't speak telepathically, he could hear the messages. Lukas believed there was some sort of connection, meanwhile Mathias said Emil was schizophrenic. Emil didn't believe either one of them.

"So, like, there's a new student in school." Leon said, trying to sound enthusiastic. "Oh? Where are they from?" Emil asked. "I think Turkey... I dunno." Leon took out a box of Pocky and handed Emil a piece.

They finally got to school. Leon waved goodbye to his mum, before heading towards the gigantic building with Emil by his side. Everywhere they looked, kids from ages fourteen to eighteen, some nineteen filed through the school doors.

Emil and Leon started walking up the stairs once everyone cleared the way. "So, do you know anything about the new kid?" Emil questioned. "Yeah. His name's Sadik Adnan. He can't talk, he's Turkish, he's kinda cute if you asked me-"

Emil rolled his eyes. "You say that about every new student."

"I know but you totally have to believe me! Anyways, he doesn't speak sign language either. I overheard his stepmother saying something about him being mute or whatever-"


"Uh-huh. Oh, can't forget he-"

"I have enough information, thanks." Emil sighed, remembering how Leon was a bit nosy and knew almost every detail about everyone at school. The two were about to make way towards their locker, when Emil noticed a taller boy wearing a mask looked a bit lost. Emil stopped, and decided to help him out. "Excuse me, are you lost?" He asked. Leon stopped as well and followed Emil.

The taller boy didn't respond, but nodded. He pointed to his map. "You're trying to find class 2-1?" He presumed. Once again, the boy nodded. "Follow me; that's my classroom."

Leon shrugged, "I'll see you later, Emil." Emil waved goodbye to Leon, before showing the boy where the stairs are. "So you're the new student, Sadik? You can't talk, can you...?"

Sadik shook his head no.

"Okay. I think I'll be able to help you out..."

'Thanks. By the way, your shoe's untied!' Emil heard a voice. He looked at his shoes; they were untied. 'What the heck?' Emil thought. He stopped in his tracks and started tying his shoe.

Once he finished, he got up and said, "Thanks."

'You have a cute butt, by the way!'

Emil blushed, but ignored that comment. Idiot, he thought. He then lead Sadik to class 2-1, his homeroom with Mrs. Jones. He slid open the classroom doors, where Mrs Jones, pretty as ever was writing on the chalkboard. She turned around, "Good morning, Emil! Welcome back! And good morning, Sadik, welcome to Gakuen Academy!"

"Hi, Mrs. Jones," Emil mumbled, sitting at the closest desk. Sadik did the same thing, sitting in the desk next to Emil. He smiled a bit, staring at the rather blunt Icelandic.

Emil tried his hardest to ignore the staring. He was a little wary, especially with the voice he kept hearing. Just as the bell rang, the other tenth graders (and Ivan, an eleventh grader who was held back) filed into the classroom.

"Okay, Sadik, here's a little rundown on the school," Emil began. He pointed to a blond-haired, blue-eyed boy who was handing a rose out to Mrs. Jones. "That's Francis Bonnefoy, the school's Romeo. He's alluring, and flirts with mostly guys. But he also likes girls. He's nice, but I suggest staying away from him when he's fighting with Arthur Kirkland."

"Speaking of him," Emil then pointed to another blond with huge eyebrows and green eyes. "That's Arthur Kirkland. He's a stereotypical Brit, so don't mind him."

'Why do his eyebrows look like Istanbul province?'

"Whatever. Moving on now." Emil gestured towards two twins, a girl and a boy. "Those two are Vasch Zwingli-Vogel, and Erika Zwingli-Vogel. They're fraternal twins. Vasch's mum married Erika's dad, and the two bonded so much they pretend to be twins."

Sadik nodded, 'I have a little brother. He hates my guts.'

Ignoring the voice once again, Emil pointed to two other twins, identical. "There you have Feliciano and Lovino, the Vargas twins. Feliciano has light brown hair, and Lovino has auburn hair, kind of like yours."

'At least I wash my hair everyday!'

"Feliciano is dating the gym teacher's son, Ludwig. Yes, there are a lot of homosexual couples, but I accept it. Lovino hangs out with Antonio, the son of the vice principal."

"Lastly, we have Ivan, Natalya and Anastaysia Braginski. Anastaysia is a cheerleader, Natalya is the school's science club leader who loves her siblings to death- literally- and Ivan is not a good person to hang around with."

The bell finally rang for homeroom, and the class was shushed by the teacher. "I'll tell you more after class."


After homeroom finished, it was off to first period. 'Can I ask you something?' Emil heard that same voice. 'You know it's actually me who's talking to you, through Telepathic Messaging.'

"Are you kidding me?" Emil sighed, gathering his books and materials. 'Yep. Only you can hear me talk, because you're the only one, besides Lukas, who can understand me.'

"Well that's wonderful, now I'll have to hear your obnoxious voice constantly, even in faraway distances!"

'Don't worry, I won't torture you everyday!'

"Just be quiet, we have maths." Emil slammed his locker shut and walked to maths with Sadik. 'Also, I'm in all of your classes. My stepmum forced the principal to place me in all of your classes.'

"Why?" Emil wanted to know. 'Reason.'

The two walked in the classroom, and Emil sat in the front with Sadik. The maths teacher was reorienting the Smartboard, preparing a maths game. "So am I able to speak with you telepathically, or..."

'You can't... you have to deal with talking out loud,' Sadik gave Emil one of those toll faces you see on YouTube comments. "Fuck... at least the teacher can't hear."

The bell rang once again. The class felt like forever, until the teacher said, "Pair up with the person on your right and behind you." Emil glanced at Erika, who was on his left. She, of course, paired up with Vasch.

"So you, Alfred and me..." Emil sighed. "Whatever."

"Dude, this crap is impossible! MATHS- Mental Abuse towards Human Students!" Alfred complained. "New kid, do you like maths?"

Sadik nodded. Emil rolled his eyes. How many times did he roll his eyes at everyone?

"Alright, now first question," the teacher spoke, loading a Jeopardy game on the board. "A circle of center (-3 , -2) passes through the points (0 , -6) and (a , 0). Find a."

"What?!" Emil whispered to himself. "We didn't ever study this!" He sighed, staring at the board. Sadik raised his hand casually. "Sadik, why not come up and answer this problem?" The teacher smiled, handing him the pen to the Smartboard. Sadik stood up and walked to the board, took the pencil and began scribbling.

" √((-6 + 2)2 + (0 + 3)2) = √((a + 3)2 + (0 + 2)2)
distances from center to any point on the circle are equal. "


The class stared at the Turkish male in either shock or jealousy. Even the school's maths nerd, Eduardo were surprised! Sadik casually placed the pen down and walked back to his desk, smirking at Emil. "And I thought you were going to be an idiot." Alfred whispered.

"Good job, Emil's team!" The teacher praised the two. 'Tell the teacher I take full credit!'

"Shut it," Emil muttered. The class continued their work, although Emil's team was winning the game thanks to Sadik. Emil and Alfred could get used to that; they never raised their hands.

After the maths game, it was then gym class. "See you later, bro!" Alfred shouted before running to art class. Emil has promised Leon earlier to meet in the janitor closet during gym, since the two hated it so much.

But unfortunately he couldn't. Not with new kid Sadik in the way. Nobody but Emil and Leon knew about their secret locations. "You have PE next. So do I," Emil said. "You can take PE, right?"


"Alright, cool."

Emil noticed Leon beckoning him towards where the janitor closet was. "Uh, I have to use the washroom. Be right back. The gym is down the hall to the left. You can tell by the obnoxious screaming of football players."

Before Sadik could send (well, think of) a telepathic message, Emil ran towards Leon. "Dude, you look pale." Leon pointed out. Emil tried catching his breath, nodding. "I have a migraine," he complained, sighing. "The new kid keeps sending me stupid messages. It hurts my head when I receive so many messages at once."

"I think you should head home if it's that bad." Leon suggested, opening the janitor closet door and then closing it after Emil stepped in.

The two sat down, facing each other. "I want this power removed." Emil said. "Why? It sounds really cool!" Leon replied. "I get constant headaches," Emil began, "and I can barely sleep at night without hearing messages. Also, I hear so much at once."

"You may need to talk to Lukas about that. Isn't he, like, magical or whatever?"

"Yeah," Emil answered bluntly. "I'll make it through the day. Remind me to take Motrin before leaving for school."

"Will do!"


The end of the day passed by really quickly. Everyone was packing up to either go home or head to clubs. Emil wasn't in any club, but Leon was in jewelry making.


"Great," Emil groaned, turning around. 'I... heard what you said...' Sadik looked a little angry, but it was hard to tell because he wore a mask. Emil never bothered to ask why. "Yeah, none of your business. Now go home or go to your club."

'Can I come over to your house?'

Emil actually wanted to bring Sadik over, because Lukas might be able to remove Emil's telepathy and Sadik would finally shut up! "Actually, yes you can. We'll have to walk home, since my carpool driver has a son who stays after school."

'Fine by me.'

The two walked out of the school and towards Emil's house. Emil talked (well, sort of) about his life, and how his brother lived with his boyfriend and all. "And so Mathias tried proposing numerous times," Emil said, laughing a bit. "They may get married by October 29th."

'That's my birthday!' Sadik telepathied. "Cool. Mine is in June. I'm a-"

'Gemini. Explains your easily annoyed personality.'

"Whatever you say, Scorpio."

When they made it to his house, Emil knocked on the door before entering. "I'm home!" He called out. Mathias was asleep on the couch. His cat, Mat was asleep near the air vent.

Suddenly, Emil felt Sadik grasp him tightly. "Hey, what the hell?!"


"Calm down!"

"Emil, who is your friend?" Emil pushed Sadik off of him, sighing. "This is Sadik, he's the new student at my school, AND the voice in my head."

Sadik awkwardly waved. 'Yo.'

Lukas nodded, "I see. How are you two getting along?"

"Perfect! Nothing's bad... except," Emil whispered, "I can't-excuse my French- fucking stand this idiot."

Lukas shook his head, "You'll have to explain why later. But I do have some good news."

"Tell me later, I wanna teach Sadik how to play Tony Hawk Pro Skater."

Emil turned, but Sadik was gone. "Sadik?"

Lukas shrugged, "It's around suppertime, maybe he has a curfew." Emil nodded, "Possibly. I'll tell you everything then."


"I see."

"And I've been feeling nothing but headaches. Is there a way to take away the telepathic message so or at least send them to someone else's mind?"

Lukas closed his mythology book, shaking his head. "Unfortunately, two out of every six million people are born with this ability, and the two born are connected. I just happen to study this, not actually practice the magic of it."

"This is so unfair!" Emil cried. "I can't stand the constant snarky comments, and the headaches! People are calling me insane for 'talking' to myself, and the school nurse thinks it's schizophrenia!"

"Emil, calm d-"

"No! Don't tell me to!" Emil stood up, and stormed up to his room. He opened the door, then slamming it shut. "Damn you, Sadik. Damn you, stupid telepathic powers."

Deciding to distract himself, Emil decided to play some Tony Hawk games on his PS3.


Sadik was having a rough time at home. His stepmother was drunk. Again. Where was his father? He quietly sat on the floor of the living room, watching his eleven younger siblings play with their broken car toys. Sadik was the eldest of twelve step-siblings. His little genetic brother, Heracles was at his club in another school.

"Hey, big brother!" Sadik's little stepsister, Amaya ran to her older brother. "Can we play?" Amaya waved a broken toy car at Sadik's face. He shook his head before standing up and walking to his room, in the attic.

Sadik wished to know why his mother divorced his father, and why out of all of the beautiful, kind women in the world, WHY this old hag, Jeanne D'Angelo, a lazy old woman who did nothing but lounge all day, and make Sadik and his younger brother do chores all the time.

'Stupid Heracles gets out of it,' Sadik wrote in his diary. 'Nobody can hear my cries for help. Literally.'

He remembered watching his mum and dad fight, throwing plates at each other, screaming "Get the hell out of my house! And take your little brat, too!" His mother had pushed Sadik into the snow, along with his father. Heracles wasn't born yet.

When Heracles was born, he was given away to a friend of Sadik'/ father, who then gave Heracles away to him.

'I'd rather live with my real mum than this old hag,' the fifteen year old Turk wrote in his diary.

'I'd rather deal with being yelled at than Brit ignored.'


Emil finished his game, as Lukas called out that he was leaving for work. It was also a signal for bedtime. Emil got changed into his jammies. He made sure to feed Mr. Puffin, his pet bird, before bedtime.

Emil suddenly heard a soft crying. He honestly didn't care; he was too tired.

He closed his eyes as seep overtook his body...


"Morning, Emil!"

Leon waited for his friend to finish gathering his materials. He walked to school, because Leon's mother was too busy to drive. Leon had gotten to school earlier for other reasons.

"Hey," the Icelandic native bluntly replied. "Sleep well?"

"For once, yes. Although..." Emil thought about yesterday; how Sadik clinged onto him because of Mathias's cat, and the conversation with Lukas about removing the telepathy power...

"Although what?"

"Never mind. Hey, have you seen Sadik?"

Leon shook his head, "Nope. Haven't seen him since gym class yesterday."

"I wanted to ask him about some thing..."

"Ask him wha-"

The two turned around to see Sadik walk in. He had a bandaid on his arm and face, and a scar across his eye (it was barely visible because of his mask).

"What happened?!" Emil cried. Sadik didn't bother to answer. "Oh, dear..." Leon murmured. "Did you, like, fall or something?"

Emil punched Leon on the arm. 'I'll tell you later,' he said to Emil. He nodded, "Okay."

"What did he say?"

"Nothing. It's Friday, let's go to the lot!" Emil suggested. "Hardly anyone is out there. We can talk there."

"Boring. I'm going with Feliks and Francis to our jewelry club. I'll see you later." Leon headed off to the art room.

Emil lead Sadik to the lot. It was deserted. No cars were parked since everyone walked to school, or some just hitched rides. Emil sat down near one of the trees in the lot, Sadik next to him.

"So tell me what happened."

'You're the only one I can talk to, really,' Sadik telepathied. 'Anyways... my stepmum happened.'

"Your stepmum?"

'Yeah. She rarely ever interacts with me, unless my dad is out. Which is hardly ever. My stepmum is an alcoholic who treats me like crap, my genetic dad works from home as an autism specialist and my siblings make fun of how I can't talk.'

Emil nodded, sighing. "I'm sorry you're going through that. I really didn't know."

The two boys simultaneously stared at the grey skies. It was cold for an early September morning, and the sun wasn't out yet. 'Can you tell me about yourself?' Sadik asked.

"Well, I'm sort of your average Joe, minus the telepathy powers. I live with my brother Lukas, who's currently researching telepathic messaging, and I live with his boyfriend- soon to be husband Mathias. I have slight ADHD, and I struggle in maths class."

'You seem more interesting than me.'

"No, not really. My brother goes to work at midnight, but yesterday he left two hours earlier. I wonder why..."

That's when a gust of wind flew by, causing Sadik to shiver a bit. 'Is it always cold in America?'

"Depends on where you live, really. Florida is one of the hottest states. Pennsylvania, the state we live at, is mild. Alaska can be pretty frigid."

'It's cold...'

Emil looked at Sadik. He only wore the school uniform of a short-sleeved shirt and khakis. Emil brought his coat, but decided to take it off and give it to Sadik.

"Here. You can keep it. Sorry if it doesn't fit."


The bell finally rang. First period, how fun. Emil stood up, Sadik copying his actions and the two boys made their way to class...


"Moi, moi, Emil! Sadik!"

Emil looked up from his book. For lunch hour he normally went to the library, where Tino, the school's student secretary helped organize the books.

"Good afternoon, Tino," Emil muttered. He flipped the page to his book, but got distracted, suddenly finding himself staring at Sadik (who was playing with Emil's phone). 'I feel so bad for him...' he thought. 'He doesn't have a voice to speak up...'

Emil blushed a little.

'Now I'm curious about what his past self was like... and I wanna know why he wears that mask everyday; who he's actually hiding- ugh, that sounds super cliche. I shouldn't be nosy, like Leon is.'

Emil also wanted to know if Lukas's theory of 'having a connection' was real. Were Emil and Sadik both born with a connection of telepathic messages? Emil remembered what Lukas said last night, "Unfortunately, two out of every six million people are born with this ability."

'So both me and Sadik are connected?' Emil wanted to ask his brother once he got home from school. 'I'll ask him tomorrow,' he decided.

Sadik was really enjoying Emil's phone. He showed Emil his high a score on Flappy Bird- 807!

"How the hell did you... I'm not gonna ask."

'And on my first try, too!'

The bell rang for woodshop, Emil's least favorite. But at least building small crafts and painting them calmed him down.

"We should get to the woodshop factory," Emil suggested, picking his book up and waiting for Sadik.

'Okay. Also, can I have your phone?'



Emil loved Friday's, mostly because the end of school until Monday. Emil would rather spend his weekend alone playing video games or talking to Mr. Puffin, his pet bird. But Emil made the awkward mistake of asking Sadik to hang out at the park. Since Emil knew what was happening to him at home, Emil wanted to get him out of that environment and into the real world.

"I could always give you a tour," Emil suggested. "It'll be pretty fun. Plus I can buy you new clothes, and we can stop for ice cream."

'Are you rich or something?'

"Not necessarily, but I have money."

'You remind me of Donald Trump.'

"Ew, that's fucking sick!"

Emil suddenly felt like he was bonding with Sadik. Well, he presumed that the two were SUPPOSED to be together- that's what the word "connected" meant in this situation. All of those voices Emil heard a few days ago were actually from Sadik. He remembered hearing Turkish, or another languabe, Sadik was speaking. He figured out the connection part, thanks to Lukas.

Emil decided to walk downtown and catch a street trolley, and then they would walk back home. Pittsburgh was a pretty big city, and Emil presumed that Sadik was used to even larger cities, large as New York City or Tokyo, Japan.

'Where are we going?' Sadik asked. "To Station Square. We live in Castle Shannon, which is still in Allegheny County. Station Square isn't that far without all of the stops, so don't worry."

Emil went to the trolley booth and registered in. The two boys then waited on the platform. The station wasn't that crowded, thankfully, since Saturday was normally the day everyone had off work.

Once the street trolley arrived, the two embarked, Emil paying for their admittance. They both sat down next to each other. The awkward silence was really getting to Emil. But Sadik couldn't help that.

Sadik enjoyed staring out of the window, while Emil was on his phone, texting Leon.

Emil: So, it turns out were connected.

Leon: AAAW! I ship it! Soulmates!! 😘

Emil: No! It's not like I LIKE him! I'm supposed to be STUCK with him!

Leon: Cute! Stuck being soulmates? <3

Emil: Shut up.

Leon: You should totes ask him out on a date! <3

Emil: Well... I guess we kind of are on a date??


Emil: you okay?

Leon: lol fell off my bed!

Turning his phone onto sleep mode, Emil let out a long, tired sigh. He really hoped this day would go according to plan.

Sadik continued to stare out the window. He looked as if he were daydreaming. Emil wondered what he was up to. He still had so many questions for his mute friend.

The trolley stopped at Station Square. When the two disembarked, Sadik looked a little nervous staring at the many buildings. "You're used to big cities, right? Turkey's a pretty big country... I studied Istanbul for a while."

'Yeah, you're right. I'm not used to the American buildings...' Sadik continued to stare at the streets. Station Square was a pretty cool place; it had a little mall that actually had a small train station inside, and what else was cool was the peaceful view of the Monongahela River. At nighttime, the lights made everything much more pretty, especially in the winter time.

"So, want to check Mount Washington first? Or go to the fountain?" Emil asked. 'The fountain, I think it's more relaxing.'


Emil lead Sadik to the Station Square fountain, which wasn't far from the Hard Rock Café. "I can tell you a little about my city," Emil suggested. "So, Pittsburgh was founded around the 1750's-"

'I know that. William Pitt was the founder.'

"Yep. Also, our city has over 400+ bridges, but on September 2nd, 2016, the Liberty Bridge caught on fire."

Emil sighed, "So, you like it here so far?"

'Yeah,' Sadik looked down. 'I like talking- well, listening to you, Emil.'

Smiling a bit, Emil looked down too. "I actually enjoy talking to you too. Well, in a way."

'But I can't reply, except telepathically.'

"It doesn't really have an effect on our friendship. I'm just happy you're here to listen to me vent."

The two then met each ither's gaze. "By the way... I don't want to sound rude or anything, but why do you-" Emil began, and was interrupted (well, his thoughts were).

'I wear a mask because I don't want anyone seeing my scars. I knew you were gonna ask one day.' Sadik gave Emil a small, rather faint smile.

"I... I see."

Evening hour (7:00 PM) was almost starting. "I think we should get going. You live around Castle Shannon, right? We can get the late trolley home."

'I'll pay!' Sadik offered, taking his Black Butler wallet out. 'Forgot to mention, I love anime.'

Emil laughed a bit, "I love Fullmetal Alchemist."


"Can I visit your house? It's only 7:35." Emil asked. Sadik shook his head, 'My stepmother is not very welcoming. And you don't want to see my house.'

"But I actually want you too! showed you my place, so you should let me see yours!"

"Cool... I'll text my brother and tell him I'll be staying with you for a bit."

Sadik unlocked the house door, and walked in. The room was a huge mess; clothes scattered everywhere, and food crumbs were scattered across the floor. Sadik blushed in embarrassment, 'Welcome home.'

Emil's eyes were wide in shock. How did Sadik manage to live like this?! He felt really bad for the mute Turk. 'The cleanest room is the attic...'

"Wow... I'm sorry you have to live in this hell." Sadik don't reply. He lead Emil to the attic, his room. Sadik was right- this room was the neatest. 'It's a little cramped, sorry.'

"No, it's okay."

The two sat on Sadik's bed, Emil blushing a little. Sadik just stared at the Icelandic teen, a faint blush on the Turk's face. "Stop staring."

'You're cute when you blush! '

"Quit it!"

'Why? XD '

"It's embarrassing me."

'But I like embarrassing you!'

"Stop it!"

A small smirk formed on the Turk boy's face, 'Make me.'

Emil punched his friend's arm, "Just stop embarrassing me!"

'But we're the only ones here, and it's not like I'm going to humiliate you to the entire world!' Emil pouted, "True. You're not as bad as Leon. But you still are annoying me."

'Want me to stop?'


'Then can I have a kiss?'

Emil looked up inmediatly, blushing even more. "What?!" He hopes that he didn't hear Sadik say what he thought he said. "What did you say?"

'I... asked for a kiss.' Sadik blushed. 'But if you don't-'

Emil did have to admit, his friend was kind of cute. Tall, childish, annoying and nosy. That's what Emil liked.

"I... guess we can-"

Sadik smiled and kissed Emil's lips, like that! He wasn't nervous, unlike Emil. The two didn't break away for a while, but Emil needed air. Once they broke away, Emil felt slightly dizzy. "W-What-?"

"Emil! It's okay!" Emil heard Sadik's voice, much louder than usual. Emil opened his eyes. "Sadik?"

"You should've seen the look on your face! You're like a uke from Japanese manga." Sadik was actually talking! "Wait, what the hell happened?"

"You and I kissed, and I think that the telepathy curse wore off." Sadik replied. "So that explains what Lukas said... about us being connected." Emil sighed. "You were less annoying when telepathically speaking to me."

"I know."

Another awkward silence. That was until Emil's phone beeped. It was Lukas.

Lukas: I found a cure to the telepathic connection. It's a kiss from the person you're linked to.

Emil texted back:

Emil: Thanks for telling me AFTER Sadik & I kissed.

Lukas: No pro- WHAT?!

"So, are we together or something?" Emil asked. He never admitted it, but he was gayer than a manga uke. "If you want! I wouldn't mind dating you, because you are pretty cute!"

Emil blushed more, "Everyone says that."


"It's wedding daaaaaay!"

Emil watched as Mathias was getting ready for his and Lukas's wedding. Today was also Sadik's sixteenth birthday. Lukas was very happy that Emil and Sadik were together, so he invited him to watch the wedding reception.

Emil somehow convince Sadik to live with him and Lukas. The two watched as Lukas and Mathias finally kissed.

"Pretty soon in three years, that'll be you in that wedding dress!~"

"Shut up!!"



Author's note: my longest oneshot ever! Over 5,000 words! I'm pretty shocked at how well I wrote this! It took me a little over two days to complete, however, but I don't mind. I hope you liked this! sorry for the OOC-ness.

Let me know about any errors of spelling and such, please! My iPod is a piece of shit ;-;

~ Lexie Gray
Telepathic Message [Mute!Turkey x Iceland]

Okay, this is originally posted from my Wattpad (Hetalian_Waifu), so please enjoy the cringe (I spent over 2 days writing this... wow, I am cringe-a-licious).
"What'cha get?" Your friend, Lexie asked as you pulled out a Phantom of the Opera mask. "I got your boyfriend," you muttered. Lexie laughed, "No, he's actually not here!"

You looked around, to see a Turkish woman on the couch, trying her best to cover her face. "Dilara?" You called. The girl refused to look up. "Mm?" She mumbled.

You looked at the mask in your hand, and gave it to her. Dilara immediately snatched it, putting it on and then throwing down her hood over her head.

She looked up at you, "Oh, merhaba (Y/N)!" She smiled; gosh, she was a beautiful older woman! She was in her 30's but looked your age!

You blushed a bit, looking at the closet. Lexie tapped her watch, "Time is ticking, you gals!" Dilara got off the couch, extending a hand. Dainty hand, I should've said. "Should we?" She asked, winking.

You took her hand, and she lead you towards the closet. You were blushing more. When the two of you got to the closet, Amelia (Fem!America) closed the door. "Don't have too much fun in there, ladies!" The blond American cheered.

The closet had a light. How rich was Amelia?! You turned the light on, only to see a bunch of clothes, and Dilara sitting across from you. You wondered what was under her mask; a scar? Multicolored eyes?

"You look lovely today, Miss (Y/N)." Dilara said, smiling and looking at your outfit. You grinned back, "Thank you! And you look pretty as well." You bit your lip- damn it, why'd you say that?!

Dilara giggled, "Thanks. So... seven minutes in a filthy closet with a beautiful girl like you, eh?" You nodded, staying quiet. It was really awkward, having two girls in the same room.

Dilara leaned a bit closer to you, "You have such gorgeous eyes, you know. I wish I had (E/C) eyes. And your hair," she gently strokes your (H/L), (H/C) hair. "What products do you use?" She asked.

You stayed quiet again. The most beautiful woman you've ever met... touching you!!

"(Y/N), what's wrong, dear?" Dilara asked. "Am I... making you nervous?" Her smile faded, and now she looked sad. "N-No! I'm just... tired, that's all." You lied.

Dilara sighed, "I see. You look upset to be in here with me. Did you seriously want my obnoxious and snooty counterpart in here? I'm not like him, you know, even if we're technically the same person."

You shrugged; honestly, you liked Dilara more than her male counterpart. She was more relaxed than Sadik, and she was... gentle.

There was another rather awkward silence. "Three more minutes!" Amelia shouted. You could hear her opening a can of soda or something.

Dilara gazed into your eyes, although you couldn't tell because of that mask. You smirked a bit, "Hey. What's behind this?" You reached to take her mask off, but she immediately turned away. "No!"

"C'mon! I wanna see!" You laughed, and attempted to tackle the Turkish female. "No! (Y/N), stop it you jerk!!" She actually laughed a bit but you didn't hear.

Suddenly, your hand slipped, and you tore her mask apart, revealing her eyes... oh my gosh, they were absolutely gorgeous. They looked like real emeralds.

"I-I'm sorry..." you muttered. What made the situation even more awkward was you were on top of her- it looked really weird.

You could see Dilara blushing heavily; even more heavy than you. "J-Just give me my mask back." She muttered, snatching the torn mask. She tried her best to put it back on, but it was torn.

"I'm sorry," you apologized again. "It's fine..." the other female groaned. You felt a little bad. "So... why do you wear..."

"... w-well... I'm rather insecure about my looks."

Dilara Adnan? Insecure?! You were face-to-face with the most beautiful girl you've ever seen! "I think you're gorgeous." You muttered. Dilara smiled faintly, hugging you (once you two sat up and got out of that weird position). "Thank you, (Y/N). I think you're pretty, too."

You tensed a bit. "Um..."

"Francis taught me that a friendly way to say thanks is a kiss on the cheek." Dilara giggled, kissing your cheek.

You blushed a bit more. Without thinking, you wrapped your arms around her waist and pulled her into a small kiss on the lips.


"I love you." You quickly states. "I'm sorry, I just can't help it. I love you. You're beautiful; there's no need to hide your beauty from the world."

Dilara looked down, "N-Nobody has ever said that t-to me... (Y/N), do you mean i-"

"I mean everything I said," you interrupted. Dilara gazed into your (E/C) hues, a smile forming once again. God, you loved that smile.

Just as you two were gonna kiss, the door opened to see Sadik, laughing at you two. "You look so cute together! XD "

"Shut up, you lazy dumb moron guy!" Dilara pouted, hugging you tightly. Lexie took some photos of the two of you, and Amelia was eating a bag of Doritos, "There's a spare bedroom upstairs-"

"Shut up!!" You yelled, blushing in humiliation.

That's when everyone realized Dilara's mask is off. "How did you get such pretty eyes?" Amelia asked. "Don't flirt with her," you mumbled. Dilara only laughed a bit, not replying but only kissing your cheek.

"Aw! I ship it!" Lexie cheered. "Let's get the wedding ready! I call maid of honor!"
Nyo!Turkey x Fem!Reader [Seven Minutes in Heaven]
Me gots bored Derp Face   Well enjoy this weird one-shot written by moi!

I do not own Hetalia, I only own Lexie Gray.

Hetalia belongs Himaruya-senpai.

You belong to Dilara Adnan (Nyo!Turkey)
Who Do You Stand By? by Hetalian-Waifu
Who Do You Stand By?
Saradomin, Seren, Armadyl, Zamorak, Bandos or Guthix?

Who are you most loyal to?

ALL HAIL ARMADYL!! Bandos Warrior 
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Roses are withered and
Violets are blood red
I'm no longer a nation
I am now dead

I lived a long life
Of suffering and pain
I had no freedom
Only restrains

Heaven's gates unlock
For me to step in
Do they accept me
After all my sins?

I wish I had wings
I wish I could just fly
I wish that I was wanted
But I wish to die

One jump off the bridge
One knife to the chest
One little bullet
Can lead to death

My death was painless
A gunshot to the head
I'm no longer a nation
I am now dead...

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